Sailing is to feel the wind and to befriend it; to respect to the nature; to see a sea sparkle at nights; to watch a smiling dolphin; to mumble a song with the rhythm of the wake of your boat.
We live mentally far from the sea in urban life. The Bosphorus and the Princess island destinations are unique places to sail. Especially sailing through the mimosas is a breathtaking experience in the Spring.
If you wanted to learn sailing and you have been postponing it, I have good news! Sailing is not as hard to learn as you might suppose. The most daunting part to learn sailing is its specific jargon that you might not have heard before. But don’t worry, jargon isn’t the most necessary part to  learn sailing.
Although there is much aerodynamic and hydrodynamic theory involved in what makes a sailboat behave as it does, you can basically start to learn “port-starboard” instead of “left-right”.  If you know some basic rules to avoid clashing with other boats and practice your approach towards and departure from a jetty, you will be in good shape to sail.
The picture below shows all the components of a sail boat while cruising. Memorizing them is not necessary. You will learn them in the long run naturally.

You can follow my articles about my sailing tutorials and adventures under the sailing section of my blog.

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