Welcome to my personal website. It is about credit Insurance and sailing. Credit insurance which has become one of the major financial instruments in the banking industry. Today, company receivables are from not only domestic markets but also international markets. Credit insurance reduces the risk of doing business abroad by insuring foreign receivables.

The picture below shows a meeting that I have been a part of its panel about export credit insurance and domestic credit insurance in Mersin. The more the companies become aware of the benefits of it, the more the popularity of credit insurance.

Competitive sailing plays an important role in my life and it is as valuable as my business life. Actually, competitive sailing is not very different than business life. Both require the harmony and hard work of the people comprising the sailing or office teams.
The picture below depicts the cruising of my team at high a speed with smiles on their faces during 2017 Turkish Naval Force Competition, where we got the first place. Their comfort at high speeds is not an instance of chance but of a product and harmony created after years of training. If the smallest detail is missed during a race, ugly problems may rear their heads and the smiles may quickly turn into frowns. Just like in a race, I like to keep a tight team in the office to overcome the hurdles that the fast paced business environment throws at us.

You can read more about my sailing escapades under the sailing section of my website. Information becomes more valuable as it is spread, sea becomes more attractive as more people become aware of its beauty.

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